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  • Packed With Mysterious Questions

  • Games Of Four

  • Adds Laughter and Excitement into your Relationship


Ages 18+
Made for Adults of all genders, 18+
2+ Players
Super easy to play, For group of 2+
30+ minutes
165 Cards & 4 Categories, 
For 30+ minutes of Playing
Endless Fun
Build to Spice up Your Date Nights

There are total 4 Games in the pack ..

Game 1 : Fantasy Fullfillers

A Glimpse Of Few Questions..

Game 2 : Juicy Questions

A Glimpse Of Few Questions..

Game 3 : If you are Gutsy

A Glimpse Of Few Questions..

Game 4 : Adult Riddles

A Glimpse Of Few Questions..

How To Play ?

Shuffle the deck of cards or lay them out by category or difficulty, depending on your preference.

Each player takes turns picking a card from the deck. On your turn, simply follow the prompt written on the card. You have the option to skip it if you're not comfortable double down if you're feeling adventurous.

Continue going back and forth between players, taking turns picking cards, until you feel satisfied with the game. You can choose to play a few cards or keep the game going all night long! 

How Many Games Included ?

There are total 4 Games in the Pack
1) Juicy Questions
2) Fantasy Fullfillers
3) If you are Gutsy
4) Adult Riddles

How Many Cards are there in Total ?

There are total of 165 Cards.

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