Unbound Babe Combo
Unbound Babe Combo
Unbound Babe Combo
Unbound Babe Combo
Unbound Babe Combo
Unbound Babe Combo

Unbound Babe Combo

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Introducing Unbound Babe Combo

Make every moment count with the Unbound Babe Combo, a unique fusion of practicality and excitement for modern couples.

Combining essential menstrual care items with the excitement of the Ultimate Party Cards Combo. Stay stress- free and comfortable during your period with this all-in-one kit which includes a Menstrual Cup, Lubricant, Menstrual Cup Applicator, and Unbound Portable Jet Spray, ensuring your period days are hassle-free and comfortable, whether you're at home or on the go. This all-in-one kit is packed with essentials to keep you comfortable and confident during your travels. 

Say goodbye to leaks and discomfort with the reliable leak protection up to 12 hours  of the menstrual cup, made even easier to use with the lubricant and applicator. Plus, stay fresh and confident with the convenient Unbound Portable Jet Spray for discreet cleansing wherever you are.

To, dive into the excitement and laughter of the Ultimate Party Cards Combo. Featuring Nauty Charades and Twosome, these games are packed with mysterious questions and thrilling challenges, perfect for sparking connection and Spicing up the date nights.

Whether you're enjoying a quiet night or exploring new adventures together, the Unbound Babe Combo is your all-in-one solution for self-care and relationship bonding. Experience convenience, excitement, and intimacy like never before with this dynamic and versatile combo.

What's in it?

  • Menstrual Cup 
  • Lubricant
  • Menstrual Cup Applicator
  • Unbound Portable Jet Spray
  • Ultimate Party Cards Combo(Nauty Charades and Twosome)


  • Prioritize both your menstrual care and relationship needs with ease.
  • Simplify your period routine.
  • Deepen closeness through meaningful conversations and playful interactions.
  • Stay comfy during periods while enjoying games with your loved one.
  • Have fun and take care of your periods conveniently with one package.