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Reusable Nipple Cover
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UnBound Nipple Covers provide magical, seamless coverage under swimwear, activewear, and everyday clothes. Wear with or without a bra and rejoice in feeling FREE in the skin you're in! Unbound offers minimalist coverage for women of ALL AGES, SHAPE, COLOURS & SIZES. 
Cover your nips before applying your Booby Tape with Unbound Silicone Nipple Cover. Designed to protect the nipple area and make removing Booby Tape from your sensitive areas a smoother process.


> Reusable
> Sweat-proof

> Perfect breast coverage

> Skin-friendly

> Matte finish
> Can be worn with or without a bra
> 100% Mineral-based Silicone, backed with washable adhesive for multiple uses and easy care.

How To Use ?

> Clean the area around the nipples with soap and water.
> Make sure the area is dry. Do not use any moisturiser or oil before putting on the covers.
> Remove the plastic film from the back of the covers and place firmly over each nipple.
> Remove the nipple covers at the end of the day and put the protective film back on.


100% Silicon

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What are UnBound Nipple Covers?

UnBound Nipple Covers are innovative silicone covers designed to provide seamless and magical coverage for your nipples. They can be worn under swimwear, activewear, and everyday clothing, offering a minimalist and discreet solution for women of all ages, shapes, colors, and sizes.

Are these for single use?

No, Unbound Silicone Nipple Cover can be used multiple times.

Does the lining of the cover show up over the dress?

No, these Silicone Nipple Covers have an ultra-thin & flexible design. These covers are lightweight and have tapered edges to blend seamlessly without bulk or edging.

How do UnBound Nipple Covers work with Booby Tape?

UnBound Silicone Nipple Covers are specially designed to be used in conjunction with Booby Tape. By covering your nipples before applying Booby Tape, they protect the sensitive area and facilitate a smoother removal process.

Can UnBound Nipple Covers be worn with or without a bra?

Absolutely! UnBound Nipple Covers are versatile and can be worn with or without a bra, providing you the freedom to choose your preferred level of support and coverage.

What is the expected time when gums come off it? Is it durable for years?

When kept in good condition the covers can last up to 50 washes. In a day, they will work properly for upto 8 hours.

Are UnBound Nipple Covers reusable?

es, UnBound Nipple Covers are reusable. Crafted from durable 100% mineral-based silicone and backed with washable adhesive, they can be used multiple times, providing long-lasting and cost-effective nipple coverage.