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  • Packed With Mysterious Questions

  • Adds Laughter and Excitement into your Relationship


Ages 18+
Made for Adults of all genders, 18+
2+ Players
Super easy to play, For group of 2+
30+ minutes
100 Cards , 30+ minutes of Playing
Endless Fun
Build to Spice up Your Party Nights

There are total 0f 100 cards in the pack ..

Some of the Demo Cards!

A Glimpse Of Few Questions..

How To Play ?

1. Get friends together and grab a deck of cards.
2. Shuffle the deck and place it face down.
3. Players take turns picking a card.
4. Silently act out the word on the card to help the group guess.
5. The group has a time limit to guess the word.
6. Correct guesses allow the player to continue, while incorrect guesses result in the group members drinking the specified number of sips.
7. Keep taking turns, picking cards, enacting words, and guessing. Play until satisfied or as long as desired.

How Many Cards are there in Total ?

There are total of 100 Cards.

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